Denny End Road Construction

Denny End Road Construction Access complete

Urban&Civic have completed works on the initial construction access which will enable work to start on the former Barracks site. The Access, which is directly by the A10 junction off Denny End Road and next to the Cadets building, will enable the setup of the internal haul routes and the establishment of the main construction access directly from the A10 at the Cambridge Research Park roundabout.

construction work at Waterbeach Barracks

The Denny End Road access upgrade puts in place a robust tarmacked road with appropriate drainage, and ensures safe movement in and out of the entrance: with traffic management in place to ensure movement of construction vehicles works with the traffic lights at the junction and provides the team the ability to hold vehicles back within the site to avoid any back-up of traffic. The set up also includes wheel washing to ensure mud from the works on site is not taken onto the road.

Use of the access will be limited to core operational hours for the site, which are:

7.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday
8.00am to 2.00pm on Saturday

Deliveries will be reduced during peak hours of traffic where possible.

Rebecca Britton, Communities and Partnerships for Urban&Civic, said: “Throughout the discussions we have held with local communities, the impact of construction traffic has been a core concern, and we know Waterbeach in particular has had bad experiences of muddy and damaged roads impacted by construction traffic.

“The next few months will see significant investment in upgrading the Denny End Road access and establishing the main construction access from the A10. We have also put in place a number of measures to minimise impact on local residents including signage to prevent construction traffic using other entrances into the village, wheel washing and people on the ground to ensure the most flexible and live response to any issues which may occur.

“If anyone does spot vehicles not using these routes or coming through the village, or has any other concerns about the entrance, please do report it to us so that we can ensure this is taken up with the contractors and resolved.”